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Chanel Lipsticks – Worth the Hype?


Now, a Chanel Lipstick is without a doubt utterly beautiful to look at. And amongst bloggers and YouTubers they are quite popular – But the question is: Are they really worth the hype?

As I already own 6 Chanel Lipsticks of four different formulas and textures, I thought it was about time to give you my opinion on them. I have three of the Rouge Coco Shines, one original Rouge Coco (which are less shiny and more pigmented than the Rouge Coco Shines), one Rouge Allure (also nicely pigmented and a lot more staying power than all the others) and an Allure Gloss. For swatches see below.


From left to right: Boy 54, Téméraire 112, Bonheur 61, Émoi 58, Pirate 99, Lune Rousse 36.

The Rouge Coco Shines I have are Boy 54, Bonheur 61, Téméraire 112 (limited edition). They are very hydrating and quite shiny on the lips, so they tend to wear off very easily – as soon as you sipp on a water bottle, they are mostly gone. Some might consider this as a bad thing, but I have to say, I don’t mind reapplying them throughout the day and I much prefer a hydrating lipstick (kinda like a lipbalm) than a lipstick that has huge staying-power but makes my lips look chalky. One thing I have to say, the color Téméraire 112 is an exception right here! It is soo pigmented with just one sweep and also stays put for at least 5 hours, while also leaving a nice stain on your lips AND being super hydrating. It is, unfortunately limited edition, so hurry up if you still want to get your hands on this one.

The Rouge Coco one I have is in the color Lune Rousse 36. This is a deep red with blue/lilac undertones. Formulated to stay on the lips for quite some time, I find it a bit drying on my lips, while it does stay for 5-6 hours and also leaves a stain on the lips. Out of all of the formulas from chanel that I know, this one is my least favorite.

The Rouge Allure I have is in the color Pirate 99. It is by far my absolute favorite red color and also my favorite out of all of my Chanel Lipsticks! The formula is very longwearing, staining, but still not too drying on the lips. Colour-Payoff is very opace and even leans bit on the matte-side. Pirate is also a shade of red that I think every skintone will suit, because it has cool, blue undertones – this will also make your teeth look whiter!

Last but definitely not least I have one of the Rouge Allure Glosses in the color Émoi 58. To me this is the Rouge Allure lipstick 99 Pirate in a lipgloss formula. Because once again the color is very cooltoned with blue undertones in it. The formulation itself is very hydrating, smooth and also suprisingly longwearing! The gloss is leaving a nice stain on the lips after wearing off withing about 2-3 hours (normal for a gloss).

My Résumee: Chanel lipsticks are always a treat and if you really think about which formula you prefer, Chanel has definitely one for you. So, I would say, if you prefer a hydrating everyday-lipstick and you are willing to reapply it a couple of times, then go for the more sheer and subtle Rouge Coco Shines. If you rather prefer an opaque color payoff with long staying power – go for the Rouge Allure. The only one I really wouldn’t recommend are the Rouge Cocos (without Shine ;)), because they are so drying on the lips and for me, they don’t have the benefits of the Rouge Allure ones.

I hope this review was helpful to some of you! One tip for all of you who are thinking about giving a Chanel lipstick as a gift to someone: a classic red lipstick from Chanel is never a bad idea and the color 99 Pirate will look good on anyone!

❤ Avec Marie



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