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Beauty Review: Spa-Essentials for everybody!

The beauty industry is well known for creating a crazy amount of products that should make you feel good about yourself. As we all know by now, a lot of their glorious claims are just a very well planned marketing – but hey even if beauty produtcs won’t work wonders (what an alliteration right here!), I still love the feeling of pampering myself on a sunday afternoon. And that’s why I want to share with you my top three pampering products for when you want to make yourself feel special. Also I found that these are the perfect products to use before you’re going out on a date, because we all spend a little more time getting ready before a date, so that’s the perfect occasion I guess?! Scroll down for the in depth reviews of the Caudalie Detox Mask and other good stuff! 😉 20140625-DSC01265

Caudalie Instant Detox Mask:
This Mask is claiming to deeply cleanse and to minimize your pores. Well, the pore minimizing part is quite controversial because once your pores are strechted out and very noticeable, they can only be minimized temporarily (for example with a pore minimizing primer, like the Benefit Porefessional). Therefore I don’t think that it minimized my pores for good, but I have noticed that my skin looked much more even and calm after using the mask. But the main benefit of this mask is definitely that it can handle harsh blemishes in no time! I had a breakout on my chin and it even fell off after using this mask because it dried out – so would’nt recommend it to girls with dry skin, but other than that it is a fantastic mask!


La Biosthétique SPA Body Peeling:
As the name would suggest, this peeling really does have this nice Spa feeling to it, because it has a quite herbal scent but at the same time very sweet scent. I’m so bad at describing scents, but this is definitely one I just want to smell like all day – IT SMELLS SO GOOD!!! – Ok, other than its amazing smell, the peeling is very fine and really gentle on the skin. I always use it under the shower and it is a dream in a bottle! ❤


L:A Bruket Handcreme wild rose:
The label L:A Bruket is a swedish skincare brand founded by an amazing couple in one of the most beautiful spa places in sweden: Varberg! Their products are made of organic ingredients of which most come from their local area – (I am way over exited about this brand because I have already met their founder and he seemed so passionate about his products and their organic philosophy)… Back to the handcream: It is amazing! It smells like you are just in the middle of a garden with lots of roses around you and it keeps my hands moisturized for hours.

I hope you liked this looong review of these three products – please let me know what you think!


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