Chanel Lipsticks – Worth the Hype?

Now, a Chanel Lipstick is without a doubt utterly beautiful to look at. And amongst bloggers and YouTubers they are quite popular – But the question is: Are they really worth the hype? As I already own 6 Chanel Lipsticks of four different formulas and… Read More

Vegan Banana Pancakes

I absolutely love pancakes and these are super healthy and very easy to make! They are completely dairyfree and sugarfree (except the fruit sugar in the bananas). 2 ripe bananas, 150 gr of flour (buckwheat is great), 1 tsp backing powder & 170 ml almond… Read More

Vegan & Glutenfree: Chocolate Chip Cookies

I personally love chocolate chip cookies, they are one of my favourite sweet treats to have. Unfortunately they are quite unhealthy as almost anything that’s sweet and chocolatey. So that’s why I created a more healthy version of my favourite chocolate chip cookies! They mostly… Read More

Strawberry Jam <3

Today I want to share with you one of my favourite recipes to make some delishious strawberry jam! I just made this today with my mom and it’s so fast and easy. Only thing that you really need to have is a blender that is… Read More